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Premiere Products. Predictable Results.

About Nordic Medical

Nordic Medical was founded on innovation. Dr. Glenn Taylor Jr. DMD, MD was in need of a tool specifically made for immediate implants. Unlike any other tool he had, Dr. Taylor realized that this product was a necessary part of his everyday surgeries. Built with the highest quality materials, the "Odin" Packer was the catalyst that launched Nordic Medical. Now one of multiple NM products, the Odin Packer is still the work horse of tools that implantologists rely on to produce predictable results case after case. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by developing superior products that produce predictable results. 

About Nordic Medical

Empowered by Titanium

Built to last, built to live. The Nordic Medical difference.

Why Titanium? To understand why our products are manufactured with titanium instead of surgical grade stainless steel, it is important to understand why titanium is used for dental implants in the first place.


Titanium is an extremely biocompatible material for several reasons. Titanium and its alloys exhibit a high specific strength, meaning the materials' strength to density ratio is also very high. In addition, titanium has low electrical conductivity which leads to electrochemical oxidation and, in turn, a thin oxide layer is formed on the titanium’s surface. Finally, titanium has an elastic modulus around ~114 Gigapascals (GPa) while surgical grade stainless steel and Co- Cr have moduli of 180 GPa and 210 GPa. This is important because the further the difference between the modulus of bone, 20 GPa, the higher chance of implant failure. 


Galvanism, surface scratches and bone resorption are the variables that are eliminated when using our product. Immediate placement of an implant has many possible complications, but with our products, your instruments don’t have to be one of them. 

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